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My love of storytelling has fuelled my career as both an actress and a writer. I devoured books as a child, quickly moving from picture-based stories to more narrative-driven texts, which fostered a strong interest in writing.

At high school I thrived in my English and Drama classes and followed both paths when I went to university, majoring in journalism and drama.

A Web of Opportunity-SMH Feature-ScreenshotI currently work as a senior writer for I have also worked as a freelance writer since 2006, primarily as a journalist, blogger and script writer. I’ve contributed to a wide range of publications and news outlets including ABC Radio and ABC Online,, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Coffs Coast Advocate and The Bellingen Courier Sun.

In 2008, during my last year of university, I also landed a job writing news and lifestyle articles for the financial comparison website, where I was a key contributor for several years. Since then a lot of my work has been within the financial spectrum – particularly in personal finance – for various blogs and sites.

With six years experience writing both financial news and analysis, I’m well versed in a wide range of financial topics, including home loans, savings accounts, credit cards, car loans, rental and insurance products as well as digital payments and new technology.

Not everyone thinks personal finance is the most interesting thing to write or read about, but as someone in the creative industries I know all too well how much money matters affect everyone. So I put my creativity to good use by writing articles that present valuable information and insights in an accessible, engaging way.

Screenshot-Fancy Footwork 2I also regularly write about social trends, the film industry and new media for online publications (as well as on my personal blog). Whatever the topic, I want my readers to be able to walk away from an article armed with the knowledge they need to make more informed decisions about products and services that they use.

My Work

As well as writing for a wide range of publications, I have experience as a copywriter and editor for websites including,, and Sprint Driving School. I also write scripts and edit screenplays, novels and academic work for a number of personal clients (on request).

Below are some links to samples of my work.

Giving Credit Where It’s Due: Using Credit Cards For Business
Feature article

To Split Or Not To Split The Bill
Feature article

7 mobile apps to make your life easier & save you money
Feature article

The Coaching Culture: Seeking Help For Life, Money and Career
Feature article

The Rise Of Experience Enterprises
Feature article

Fancy Footwork – Starting a small business
Feature article


The Sydney Morning Herald

Mythical bear creates Facebook monster
Feature article (first published in print edition of Icon supplement in 2010)

A web of opportunity
Feature article (first published in print edition of Icon supplement in 2008)


Want to know more?

If you’re interested in discussing my work or would like to find out more about my experience as a writer, please get in touch.





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