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March 17, 2015 / Amy Bradney-George

Poetry: I am magic

I am magic.

I shift and change from thing to thing

One moment I’m an angel with wings

The next a panther running towards

My prey, seizing life and freedom

Feet stamping on dirt and wooden boards.


Sometimes I’m known as Ariel

Sometimes as a harpy or a witch.

I’m a bird soaring across dells

And a pixie playing in a muddy ditch.


I’m earth and fire, water and wind,

Sexiness and awkwardness,

Hope and sin

At times it is confusing

And I hide away inside

Scared off by feared abusing

Of the power that resides

Within and shines without

(When you let it).


I’m hurt but I’m alive,

I’m happy yet also lonely,

I’m everything from time to time,

Freed, or chained up in a moment.

I have days when I am wise

And salad days, green with naivety

But that’s the bittersweetness shared

By my baseness and beauty.


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