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October 30, 2012 / Amy Bradney-George

Shakespeare-Inspired Magnetic Poems

Three weeks ago I got a present from my sister (who lives in Canada): a Magnetic Poetry kit inspired by Shakespearean language. Since then I’ve written three poems and I thought I’d share them here.

The quality of the pictures isn’t great, but you get the idea and it kind of works with the style (piecing words together on a fridge and all).

Poem One

This poem was a bit of fun for me. It was the first time I’d used these magnets to make a poem and I was mainly playing around with whatever words caught my eye, with a focus on rhyme and rhythm. It turned into quite a dark piece with lots of subtext, I can imagine a character like Edmund from King Lear or Petruchio from The Taming Of The Shrew saying something like this.

Poem Two

My second poem was formed around a theme. Inspired (as always) by Meisner, I wanted to write about living in the moment. The story ended up being about Haste, who I imagined as a playful, mischievous sprite.

Poem Three

Part of me felt there was a lot of darkness in the first two poems, so with the third I wanted to go in another direction. It was surprisingly challenging – I realised a lot of the words are darker or very sexual. But I’m really happy with the results.

I’m still not sure these poems translate well as pictures, but for now they tell the story I want them to and that is enough (thus far at least).



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  1. Kevin Daniel / Nov 4 2012 8:14 pm

    Randomly came across the blog. Love your Shakespeare magnet poems!

    • Amy Bradney-George / Nov 4 2012 8:32 pm

      Thanks Kevin, they’re a lot of fun to create! Do you write any poetry?

      • Kevin Daniel / Nov 4 2012 8:40 pm

        I don’t write much poetry. I’ve tried, I have one or two on the short story portion of my blog. But really, I’ve never been very good. May be I’ll get better. I do, however, love Shakespeare. I would be up for the magnet challenge!

  2. Amy Bradney-George / Nov 5 2012 12:22 am

    I’ll have to make time to check out your short stories, it’s one of my favourite forms of writing to read actually. What I’ve seen of your blog so far is very engaging too.

    Stay tuned for more of my magnet poems – hopefully I’ll post a couple more in the next week or so. But it looks like the set is quite reasonably priced (and based in the US so that’s good for you): – we could have a friendly “competition” and/or collaboration then.

    • Kevin Daniel / Nov 6 2012 12:36 am

      Thanks for the heads up! I’d be tempted to buy a pack but I’d never go for the competition. Just enjoy watching from the cheap seats 🙂


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