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March 22, 2010 / Amy Bradney-George

A whole nother side of the world

The sunrise from the plane en route to Vancouver

I used to stare up at the stars twinkling out window of my bedroom when I was younger, and when planes went past I would think ‘that will be me, one day’. The idea of travelling has stayed with me since then, and finally I’ve taken the opportunity to go overseas in search of something different.

In the lead up to my departure, a lot of people kept asking me “why Canada?” as if it were an unlikely choice. The standard response was that I’m an actor and I want to go where there is a different creative culture to that of Australia. To experience my industry/ies somewhere else. But another part of my decision was based on how friendly I had found the Canadians I’d met, and how much I could relate to them.

As soon as I got on the plane, alongside my sister, I found more Canadians to reaffirm my perspective, and that set the trend from there on in.

I’ve started out in Toronto and will visit a few cities on the east before my sister and I settle into life in Vancouver. I hope to update this blog more regularly with interesting things as they come along.


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  1. Staycee Johns / Mar 25 2010 1:31 am

    I hope (as you do) that you update your blog regularly with interesting things as well because emails just don’t seem to be enough! What kind of culture have you noted in Montreal? Do they have any traditions that you have discovered?


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