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October 7, 2008 / Amy Bradney-George


Return from afar to find an old place
Stand on familiar ground
Trying to find some saving grace,
Within or without the truth has no sound
But surety and comforting relief.

All that has gone is all that will come
In a different form to be to you translated.
Rising up from the earth,
Chasing after the sun,
Bending in the wind as resolve is created.
Peace within hope and hope within dreams
Sense does not work
When worlds collide and the future lies
Amidst chaos and conflict.
Return to the ties of the past
Find new, enlightened edict.

Shared thoughts are twice blessed
By a double-mind’s care
New views on concerns
Bring perspectives refreshed.
For as we are taught to share
That sharing can good prospects bring
And brush away the burrs and spurns
Which plague all our uncertainty.
True friendship stands through all the storms
And lives to see the changes
That come when decisions bring about new dawns.

Assurance will stray
From the foundations you make
Yet the sun will rise every day
And set without mistake
Think on this, therein lies such comfort as relief.


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