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November 29, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George

Techology and the "New World"

It’s recently been announced that internet giant Google has developed a way to show moblie phone users their location without needing a GPS reciever.

It’s been reported that the tracking feature is available in 20 or more countries and and the does not collect personal data from users.

What gets me about this is that while the intentions may be good, it sounds like something out of the great speculative fiction worlds of Orwell’s 1984 or Huxley’s Brave New World. And while I enjoy following technological developments, it can be startling to see things which may be convenient, also have the potential to be misused by people.

The internet itself is a great example. You’ve got one of the greatest communication and resource tools (possibly the greatest in this day and age) right in front of you. And so many different people connected. But still the internet is misused by bullies, opportunists and other people who don’t deserve publicity here. I like to think not by many, but who knows?

The thing is, the good should balance out the bad. In the case of the internet, while it’s still a highly debated topic, I believe it does balance out. There are lots of different opportunities available through networking sites and research is made much easer (I sometimes even search online for books I might need).

And I can see the merit of the new phone technology Google has developed. Sometimes you really do need to be able to see where you are. But I also believe it can be good to explore technology’s avenues. And writing is one way of doing that. It’s interesting to see that while technology is man-made, it often takes on a persona of it’s own. Yet really, the merit of technology can be largely based on individual intentions and opinions.


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