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November 16, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George

Friday Update

I was having a busy but good day today. I got treated to a coffee this morning at the cafe, had a nice chat there and headed home to cook for mum. I was in the kitchen from 11am til 3pm non-stop with different cooking things – the cake, chocolate coated stawberries and cherries, salsa, hummous. It kept me busy but I enjoyed it.

Just when I was resting (drinking coffee and reading a Stephen King short story), someone stole my thunder.

It so happens that I got an excellent mark for an assignment which was more than an assignment to me. And I have plans for it outside of uni too. Plans I would prefer to keep slightly to myself until they lead to something like the clearing at the end of the path for this assignment. But obviously Fate (or someone there when I got my assignment in the mail), had other plans. I don’t like people spreading good news for me. Let alone the part which hasn’t been achieved yet. So now my thunders been stolen, but the storms here in a coffee cup (I’m drinking coffee, tired from all the cooking today).

Hopefully things will look up later though.


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