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November 5, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George

Rehearsal Whining

Yes, I took a week off. Well, a bit more than a week, but close enough for government business as some might say. I needed a break from things to try and take it easy. Evidently “taking it easy” is not simple task for me, I’ve still been busy. But I’m slightly more relaxed.

I spent the first few days of last week writing my last essay for the year, and the rest milling through other forms of work and arranging my holidays and other nonesuch. Rehearsals have played a bigger role the past week or so. And my back has been sore. At first I had no idea why, but I think it’s from lifting a girl in the play up and carrying her as if in a funeral procession. Because I’m the shortest cast member the weight isn’t distributed fairly, so it’s not been good in that sense.

I am looking forward to performing in it. It’s just getting to that stage which is difficult. The directors are making some great decisions, but they are not good with time management or considering cast members. For example, they waffle along for half an hour or so before getting started at a rehearsal, don’t do very well chosen warm-ups, and ask cast members to come in even when they know that certain cast members won’t be needed until hours later.

And they don’t understand stage etiquette. One cast member felt they were facing upstage for too long in a scene, but couldn’t do much about it because of the blocking, and I heard one of the directors say to the other “does it matter if she’s facing upstage?”, to which the other director replied “not really, as long as she projects”. Ok, rule number one is NEVER have your back to the audience. Obviously once you know this rule you can manipulate it and play with it, but to not know it at all? O, grim looked night!

The weekend just passed was very nice for me. My mum and brother came up to visit and we all went to see the play that Sister Dear assistant directed for. I thought it was good, but at times a bit overacted in a bad way. But it was the first night, and Sister Dear said they were very nervous, so I think it would have improved a great deal since then, and I enjoyed it all the same.


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