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October 20, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George

Saturday – Plays and History

Do you know what I enjoy about studying plays for drama? Part of it is my enthusiasm for drama, but part of it is the history you get to learn. At the moment I’m writing about Kushner’s Angels in America and Kaufman’s The Laramie Project and I’m learning so much about the United States political history.

At school here you tend to get taught a minimal amount of world history, and a lot about Australian history, so things like Reaganomics and Clinton’s policies escaped me for a long, long time. Being able to read about them now, and find links between politics and the plays is proving particularly interesting.

Yes, I have changed my tune (again) about university work. I’m enjoying it at the moment. But I know next week will be my Week of Hell, so making the most of this assignment means I can try and keep sane for everything else I’m not so enthusiastic about. And it’s not often I get the chance to write about a play one weekend, and go and see it performed the next. I’m really glad this is the case with The Laramie Project.

When I first read The Project, I was amazed by it’s scope and the effectiveness of the docudrama genre (some people call it Verbatim Theatre, but I disagree with that). And also by how much the words effected me. I’m a little ambiguous about seeing it next weekend because I know it will be great, but also very moving. I’m not usually one to cry in things, but I have a feeling I’ll need a box of tissues handy next Saturday night.

Anyway, I think I’ll turn in for the day (in terms of writing at least). I have to go to the shops and then make dinner for Sister Dear and I.


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