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October 19, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George


A short entry is in call for tonight I think. I’ve had a mad hatter of a day today. Firstly, I went to uni, handed in an assignment and rushed off to my Media Law class, almost colliding with my lecturer in the process. That was, of course, fun.

The class was great, a revision type thing for the exam next week which got me thinking about that on top of everything else I need to think about. After that I raced up to the bus stop to catch the inter-campus bus to get to my group meeting. On the way I realised I had a message from my dad about some projects I have planned for the summer holidays.

Group meeting. Ok, we got stuff done and I don’t feel so bad about it all now. But it didn’t help that two of the members got really stressed and inadvertently took it out on the group. Yes, fair enough one of the other members was playing director and sounded patronising about it (note the word sounded though because I don’t think it was intentional). And yes, we were a bit rude when one member started saying they had an assignment and couldn’t meet up the day before the performance, but those were not fair reasons for people to leave almost in tears and blunder off like Heathcliff on a bad day. Seriously.

On the other hand, play rehearsals tonight were lots of fun. So it was good in the end.


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