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October 18, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George


I woke up to the sound of construction work this morning, and despite the late night last night, I managed to get up and prepare for my long day of uni work. Surprisingly it wasn’t as bad as I’d anticipated and once I got started I was ok. I think my mind blocks certain things to stop me from getting (more) stressed, and sometimes it must forget to unblock certain things when I’m trying to work. Unlike with some computer issues, there’s not really a methodology to the unblocking process.

Still, I got things done. And I even had time to read the news online. Now don’t get me wrong, I love newspapers (I don’t know many “young people” who do, but I do), especially the bigger ones, but I don’t like spending money on them. So online it is at the moment.

Of course, with the Federal Election closing in on us all, a lot of the news was about that. Apparently Prime Minister John Howard plans to open a training facility in the Greenslopes Private Hospital (Brisbane, QLD). This is (I think) actually in Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd’s electorate. Tactic? Or is Howard addressing the crumbling health system?

With a decreasing number of nurses and doctors being trained in Australia, the opportunity to be trained in a private hospital is certainly something that needs to be considered. However, the proposed project would be done in association with the University of Queensland. Now I’m a fair opportunity type, and very much against university bias (I both acclaim and criticise most universities I know of). But it sounds very much like this project would be readily available to UQ students, and perhaps not to the other major Brisbane uni’s – Queensland University of Technology and Griffith.

Would students from Brisbane universities other than UQ get opportunities to work at Greenslopes if the project went ahead? Shouldn’t all medical students have the same workplace training opportunities?

I’ll be voicing my opinions about things like this as the election process continues.


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