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October 17, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George


A late post, and with only two minutes left before 12am, I’m guessing it will end up being my first of two technically Thursday entries. Oh well, I’m still counting it as daily.

Group work continues to be a bit of an issue. Fortunately we will be getting together on Friday afternoon to work things our further. I am hoping that we’ll be set for next week by the end of that four hours. If not, they might just end up seeing the Bad and Rarely Seen Side of Amy.

I apparently have a package I need to pick up from the post office tomorrow. I’m guessing it’s some articles I asked mum to send me, but I have no idea why she would have had them sent via registered post. It’s a bit of a mystery. I tried to solve it late this afternoon, and apparently the person who “tried” to deliver it (people were home all day, so I doubt there was much trying) hadn’t got back to the post office. Oh well, at some stage tomorrow I’ll need a break from work, and now I have an excuse.

With the Federal Election campaign well underway now, I have realised there is a good chance I’ll be out of the state on election day. My first election, and I will be doing it probably by postal vote, which actually means I get a bit more time to figure out if I’ve done everything right. Ah, the joys of being a civic-minded citizen. Actually, I found a rather pertinent “letter” from the Opposition Leader in our letterbox today, all about doing postal votes. Hmm, maybe someone know it would be an option for me… you never know…

That’s about it for (tonight? today?) now. I’ll be back at an earlier hour (today? tomorrow?) later.


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