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October 16, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George

Books, books, books

I spent about two hours today in the library. It’s amazing how time will disappear when you’re walking through the isles, looking for the right call number, checking indexes, looking at the contents pages. Amazing, and also rather time consuming.

With that in mind, I was very tempted to not bother writing a blog entry for today. However, I want to see how long I can keep the daily banter up, so I’m continuing.

I have just been asked by my Sister Dear whether I have ever written about Joseph Mallozzi’s blog ( in my blog. The answer would have been no, up until now. His blog entries are a mix of wit, insights and anecdotal stories which I enjoy reading daily. And one of the reasons I so enjoy it is because I can torment Sister Dear by starting a sentence with “In Joe Mallozzi’s blog today…” Ah, the sighs of exasperation ensue!

For some reason she doesn’t like hearing my stories about reading blogs. Oh well, that’s just fine by me (it keeps me sane, you know, tormenting her).


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  1. Poppy Mare / Oct 17 2007 2:20 pm

    I hate it when that happens to me. My parents don’t let me out for long, so when I’m out “Book Hunting”, it feels like one hour is one minute. It kinda irks me… Okay. More than that. [sighs]


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