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October 15, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George

Monday, again

I was having a bad case of the Monday Blues today before I went to uni. I’d suddenly realised I essentially have two weeks of uni left from today, but seven assignments due between now and then. That would work out to an assignment every second day (if the people in assignment scheduling wanted to be meaner).

At any rate, this assignment influx isn’t bothering me too much. What got me today, with it’s persuasive whisperings, was the Idea That Todays Class Might Be Boring. Now, there’s normally nothing more enjoyable than going to my drama classes – they’re full of funny, interesting people and the stuff we’re studying is very interesting to me. But it’s the second-last week and things are winding down. Not so fun.

Still, when I got there I found I wasn’t the only one with a bout of the blues. Our lecturer was also in That Kind Of Mood. Especially when more than half of the class hadn’t done the simple task of writing 300 words on the play they’d read (and a few hadn’t even read a play). I thought these people made the rest of us get an undeserved lecture on Making An Effort, but I didn’t say anything.

In the end, it turned out I was wrong about today. After all the Monday Issues were issued and dealt with, the class was quite good. It also helped me quite a lot with the essay I have to write. And don’t even ask about the Postmodern. Looks like Postmodern will be with me, watching me very closely, for the next week or so while I write this essay. Ah well, I guess there’s got to be something good about that (even if it’s just another script).


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