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October 12, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George


People can be so predictable. I hate to say this, because I hate to think that I am predictable (but I’ll admit in some cases I am). Nevertheless, it’s true and predictability might as well be one of the characteristics listed under the definition of “Human Nature”.

But isn’t it sad when this truth extends to sarcastic conversations about what the worse possible thing someone could say or do is? When you don’t want to be right, but you are in spite of what you’ve said? Might as well cut off the leaves of a pineapple to try and make it look “better” (and by now you should know how I feel about that).

At any rate, predictability can be a good thing (“no, she won’t eat the pineapple without leaves”) and a bad thing (“she’ll throw the leafless pineapple in a fit of rage”, which then turns out to be true). It can reassure people that they know you, but it can also make you wonder whether that is a good thing.

When I was at school I used to get very annoyed with friends who would try and predict what I would do. So much so that I would try and second guess them so I could do the opposite of what they thought I’d do (eg eat the leafless pineapple and pretend I was not in fact lamenting it’s radical aesthetic).

But hey, I just like the way normal pineapple’s look.


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