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October 10, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George


My experience with drama at university has generally been good, especially this semester. However, I am now reaching the end of my tether when it comes to a certain group performance I have to do. I love the idea of group work, I really do. And the people I’m working with are great people but apparently not so great ensemblists (apparently in all my frustration I just invented a new word).

I’ve been let down in group work a few too many times to expect total commitment from people, but because of past experiences I am willing to give up a fair bit of time for groups. But apparently I’m one of the few in my group willing to do this. And frankly, I am getting slightly concerned about it.

We met last Friday to work on it. I typed up what we had, asked for feedback, got none. We had to show our idea to the class today for feedback, and we had about a five minute script (the performance is 20-30). So I typed up some more stuff based on what we had talked about and also on my own ideas. I figured whether we used it or not was unimportant because the feedback could be used to generate more ideas for it anyway. So I explained that to the three of four others who actually turned up today. At first they thought I was “taking over” the group and the script was (in my eyes) set in stone. When I explained my theory on it they were really surprised I’d done so much work and very grateful.

The positive feedback was actually more to do with the added stuff than with the group worked stuff. And because it doesn’t look like we can meet very much within the next two weeks I am going to tentatively suggest we consider using it. Stuff not “taking over” the group, I want a good mark. If worst comes to worst I will go and talk to my lecturer about it and see what she thinks. As much as I like people, I can’t stand a lack of commitment.


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