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October 9, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George


Picture this: walking up a long, long, long flight of stairs and sitting on a nice-looking but uncomfortable leather pew for three and a half hours. And then another two hours after that. What are you doing? Just listening to people voice their opinions of other people and the other people’s opinions. Sound interesting? That was my day.

Ok, to be fair to the institution, watching parliamentary proceedings was very interesting. The general feel was quite good between opposing sides of the arguments, and the building really is quite beautiful. It’s heritage listed, and while I don’t know all that much about architecture, I know enough to say it’s something you don’t see done any more. The gold detail on the roof panels was small and extensive nonetheless, and the balcony in the public gallery was decorated with wrought iron bars in intricate designs. Not that I payed much attention to that.

The experience was one I’m glad to have had, but I don’t envy the politicians the long days they have in Parliament. To think they might still be there as I’m writing this is enough to convince me of that. Still, it has to be done. And now I know why.

Not much else happened today. I read a bit more of Angels in America, and found the humour a nice contrast to the sadness in a lot of the narrative. And I wrote a script of sorts, for class tomorrow, which is “interesting” to say the least. And somehow I’ve been tired out by it all, so I’ll take my leave of you for another day.


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