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October 8, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George


Ah, the sweet, sweet sound of construction right outside my window
It blocks out all thoughts and worries
Leaving empty space in the halls of my mind.
And as I listen to the workers right outside my window
I wonder if I’m going deaf.

I’ll refer back to a previous post in which I talked about fear of strangers (particularly in the city). What about fear of neighbours? Apparently that is an issue here, because I don’t see why else our next door neighbours would not have warned us about the noise they wanted to make. It would be a general courtesy to let the people who are right next to you know when you’re going to be assaulting there ears. You don’t see me yelling into strangers ears at bus stops and stuff.

Actually, when I was woken up early by the noise, I thought of getting up at the crack of dawn one morning, sticking my head out my window and signing a song about neighbours. But thoughts of revenge have left me only to be replaced by sheer bafflement. Are they that rude? Do they think if they left a note in our letterbox, or knocked on our door, that they might catch some strange disease. I even checked to see if there was a red mark above our door. Nope, no red mark. It just doesn’t make sense to me, especially the large truck parked right in front of our driveway.

The other thing which baffles me is that their chainsaw, prior to cutting things, sounds like some kind of archaic flute melody (under-toned by a rhythmic motor sound, of course). I’ve never heard of a Musical Chainsaw, but maybe I’ve found one all the same.


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