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October 7, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George


Not much to say today. I’ve read some Marber, done some research and chatted to Sister Dear about her essay on some of Australia’s revolutionary female playwrights. All in all it’s been pretty cruisey for me.

I am eager to get this semester over and done with to be honest. While I love my subjects (I don’t hink I’ve had this much fun and intellectual enjoyment ever — how nerdy is that?), I just want a break from it all. Of course by “holiday” I mean me running around doing a million things not related to uni, but nevertheless important to me, all the while trying to catch up with friends and family and make the most of the summer and all it has to offer. But at the moment a hectic schedule of Ununiversity would be welcome.

I’m trying not to stress about all my major assignments. You know, the ones creeping up behind me as I innocently do readings and try to ignore the horrible sounds they inevitably create in my mind. Those ones. I’m still waiting on two interviews for my major investigative article (which I may have to chase up soon), and I need to get through Perestroika before I can begin my essay on Kushner and Kaufman. But otherwise I’m ok. Just getting by to get on by, you know how it is.


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