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October 6, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George

A Play on Postmodernism

1. Annoying Amy

(A windy spring night. AMY sits in her room, surrounded by books, pens, paper etc. She is reading a book on Media Law – something about Intellectual property – when a large shadow falls over the page she is on. AMY looks up towards the shadow’s origin…)

Amy: No…

Postmodernism: Hello again strange, strange girl.

Amy: What are you doing here? This is Media Law, not theatre or academic theory or anything else relevant to you. You don’t belong here.

Postmodernism: I belong everywhere. Our society is Postmodern, remember?

Amy:Yeah, yeah, I get that. But Media Law?!

Postmodernism: It amuses me –

Amy: (cutting Postmodernism off) It amuses you?

Postmodernism: It amuses me.

Amy: It amuses you…hang on, isn’t this getting a bit Meisner?

Postmodernism: It’s your story, not mine.

Amy: (Sarcastically) Right, it’s just that I don’t have any originality, being in a postmodern society and all.

Postmodernism: Oooh, very good. Where’d you get that idea? Some obscure pseudo-academic website?

Amy: From you.

(At this stage Postmodernism moves in front of where Amy is sitting, looming over her as if trying to intimidate her)

Postmodernism: (aside) I’m not trying to “intimidate” her, this is my normal stance. (To Amy) You got your idea from me?

Amy: Yep.

Postmodernism: Well, I’ll not be damned, as the saying goes…

(Postmodernism begins to fade upwards)

Amy: Oh you’re going are you? Excellent. By the way, the sayings “I’ll be damned”, there’s no “not” involved.

(Amy picks up here text book just as Postmodernism is completely disappearing. Before she can resume reading, a strange, jelly-like popping sound is heard and on the ground where Postmodernism was is a large pineapple).


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