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October 4, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George


I almost forgot my blog today. At this stage it doesn’t seem like it would matter (I doubt there are many avid readers out there at the moment), but for the sake of my own compulsiveness, I’d like to be able to not miss a day.

I spent a lot of the morning reading Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower”, the final book in a series of the same name. I read them all a couple of years ago, but there is so much about them I’d forgotten, or not fully understood. One of the things I like about re-reading books is that you pick up on so much more stuff second (or third or fourth or fifth) time around. Especially when there is a gap of more than a year. A lot of references I missed last time I am now getting, and it makes SK’s already brilliant skills even more so, and the text a lot richer with levels of meaning. Plus, seeing as Postmodernism is still lurking in my peripheral vision, I can appreciate a lot of the techniques he uses in this series.

I also did more research for my major journalism assignment this semester. I spent a lot of time searching the net for different things and it looks like I finally got somewhere. I just can’t tell you where that is.

After spending today at home, and not frantically trying to get work done for once, I don’t particularly feel like getting up early tomorrow and making the trek to uni. But we are starting the copyright module for media law, and I am looking forward to it. “Looking forward to it?!” you might ask, in shock. But yes, strange as it might seem, I am really enjoying learning about the law. Personally I can’t say I’d ever want to be a lawyer, or anything like that, but I find it really interesting stuff. That, and my lecturer makes it entertaining.

Until tomorrow, don’t forget the pineapple.


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