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October 3, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George

Twelfth Hour

I finally left uni on the twelfth hour of being there today. Yep, I was there from 9am to 9pm, and only 6 hours of that was in class stuff. The other six hours were divided up into an hour of chatting with uni friends, an hour of emailing uni group members and other friends, and four hours of research. And despite the four hours, I just realised I have more important research to do. Never mind.

Thing seem to be falling into place nicely now, and the post-mid-semester panic I’ve been feeling over the past few days is somewhat subsiding. Thankfully. Although, it would be nice if group members would turn up to classes, especially with only three weeks left before a 50% performance and 30% folio is due. You’d think they could do that, right? Apparently not. So three out of five of the people in my group spent today working on our performance and when we can meet up. Too bad if they have issues with it as far as I’m concerned. Welcome Focused, Firm Standing Amy Who Will Tell Unreliable Group Members What’s What.

In other news, the play I am in really is only 20 minutes, and I am very happy to say the 20 minutes the new-fangled directors have chosen only needs me for two of the six scenes they’re doing. That means I don’t have as many rehearsals (yay), lines or responsibilities as I’d expected which, in turn, means I am not so stressed. And while tonight was not an Amy Scenes night, I went along and practiced my directorial and dramaturgical skills. One of the directors even thanked me for my input and complimented my ideas.

I’m currently reading plays by Patrick Marber, and I am still surprised by texts which actually make me giggle while I’m reading. Picture this: AMY is sitting at a table in the vast University Library, reading away quietly while the multitude of students around her read quietly. She turns the page and suddenly bursts into gales of giggles, making quite a few heads turn in her direction. So absorbed in what she is reading, AMY does not notice and continues to read, intermittently giggling.

I’ll keep you posted.


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