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October 2, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George

The Bad and the Boring

Why is there intrinsically bad music when you’re put on hold in the middle of a phone call? I don’t understand the meaning of it. Do people have a checklist they go through before setting up a hold line? I can just imagine it: a bunch of people in business suits sitting around a telephone. Slightly fake and patronising voice saying somefting about everyone being busy? Check. A minimum five minute wait to ward off the time wasters? Check. A notice about the call possibly being recorded? Check. Intrinsically bad music? Double-check, AND we’ve turned it up really loud.

I don’t mind being on hold for a few minutes, but my current length is 24min 45secs and rising. How is that customer service?

34min and 50sec later I finally got on to a person.

Any guesses for what the second thing they said to me was?

“Could you please hold for a minute?”


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