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September 30, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George


“What did you say?” I asked my sister when she mentioned the word I have used for todays blog.
“Warm ups,” she repeated more slowly.

This is what happens when you’re distracted and your sub conscience goes wandering through the halls of entertainment memories. See, although I’ve done enough “warm ups” in my time to know exactly what they tend to consist of (strange games, physicality and peculiar phrases among other things), when I heard “warmups” I instantly thought Sister Dear had said War Mups. And I was thinking: what on earth is a War Mup? The famous Miss Piggy dressed up in camouflage? Kermit planning strategic moves against some unknown Entertainment Enemy? Possibly the most interesting thing is that both my sister and I can imagine it.

Then again, we both have rather interesting imaginations.

No comments for yesterdays blog, so I’m trying hard not to feel dejected. Or perhaps my target audience is not available in this time slot and I should try my own strategic moves to an earlier time. It could also be an advertising issue, so maybe I should also try posting promotional tag-lines all over the web.

Then again, it’s all good in the land of warmups.


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