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September 29, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George

Law ya?

The law is a very tricksy thing. Not only can it be dry and difficult for the unsuspecting student (or citizen) to understand but, once you get past all the jargon, it can still seem alien. After spending the majority of my day looking at defamation, I now have two-thirds of an essay done and feel safe in posting social commentary online because I can talk the talk.I’ve also spent a good few hours reading over defamation cases in Australia and separating the relevant rulings from the irrelevant ones.

Until 2006, each state and territory in Australia had different defamation laws. People could actually go from state to state with their defamation cases to get the best deal (a technique known as forum shopping). The new laws promote settling defamation outside court, and while this is great legally, academically it can be a pain. Sifting through previous cases, trying to find relevant proceedings is rather tiresome when you have to check what state you’re dealing with and whether the ruling would be applicable under the new laws. Still, at least I know I’m safer with the new Defamation Act 2005, right?

I’d like to thank Josie and Sam for being fantastic people…and for commenting on my first blog post.

“Now does your pineapple have anything to do with Will Warring? cos seriously its funny.”

Actually my pineapple originated from a classroom back in high school. We were studying this great film, and we had to perform monologues from one of three characters. One of my friends, incredibly organised as he was, got up and did his whole performance about the punchline of a joke in the film. To this day I don’t know what the whole joke was, but his performance struck me as amusing and it’s stayed with me ever since. Then I found out from Sister Dear that William Waring (a Vancouver-based director and camera operator) tried to get pineapples into the background of Stargate SG-1. So now pineapples have become an ongoing theme of mine. Plus they look cool.

Until tomorrow, fare ye well.


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