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September 28, 2007 / Amy Bradney-George

My first post.

The impact the internet has on people’s lifestyles has become even more interesting to me after three days without wireless internet access.

The first day mildly annoyed me, but by last night I was going slightly crazy from trying to multi-task on dial up internet. Not exactly the best thing to do. But now, thanks to The Tall House Mate Who Knows Stuff About the Internet, we are back in broadband business.

Still, the fact that three days made such a difference surprised me. Before we were on wireless today, I felt as though doing my assignment without having online references (and procrastination devices) at the tips of my fingers would be like working in an unknown age with far less technology. I didn’t even realise how dependent on online news, discussion boards, databases, academic sites and blogs I had become. It seems strange.

And the irony of this lack of realisation is that I have done a number of different university assignments relating to new technology, the majority of which dealt with the internet in some form. And I tend to do well on those assignments. Indeed, my major investigation this semester is about online forms of entertainment. But none of this added up to the realisation of society’s reliance on the web.

It took an absence of easy internet access to point out the obvious. And on top of the irony of all this, the fact that it was a lack of something which helped me define the importance of the internet in communication on a personal level proves postmodernism really does have some sort of place in contemporary society.

An apt way to start this blog, I suppose.



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  1. Josephine / Sep 28 2007 7:08 pm

    A very apt way to start your blob – yes, I’m sorry, but thats what I just typed, though I did mean bloG, and thats what came out! I am very impressed by your title too: ‘It was a pineapple’. That just topped it off for me.. haha.. get it?! haha! loves ya, J.

  2. Samvalasam / Sep 28 2007 9:02 pm

    Now does ur pineapple have anything to do with Will Warring? cos seriously its funny.

    anywho amz, i will be lookinf forward to reading more of your lovely blogs…and reading Joe Mallozzi’s as well.

    ciao for now u other cool nerd
    😀 sam aka Priate Queen of Quirks

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